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Welcome to The Programming Nerd Official Blog! Regardless of whether you are a hardcore programmer looking to understand a new language, framework or tool, I hope that you will find your answers here. And if you are a User Experience professional looking for management & concept tips & advice, this blog is definitely a good place for you! The nature of this website isn’t just about providing theoretical or concept-based understanding of the tools, frameworks and programming languages that I am using. It is my goal that all my blog articles will contain illustrations, code examples & ideas that you can easily apply to your work on a day-to-day basis. Can’t find what you are looking for? Why not drop me an email.

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User Experience

Apart from maintaining this awesome website, I also take part in speaking engagements in the areas of User Experience Design & Development. Equipped with the experience as a seasoned developer and UX consultant, I have learnt from experience that a usable website or application is way more important than the wide range of features of functionalities it can perform. I have spent the past 5 years of my professional career digging deep into the meaning of User Experience and how it should be properly applied in the real world scenario. User Experience at it’s core is really about understanding the end user’s behavioural pattern. The surest way to guarantee continued support from your users (for apps) or viewers (for websites) is to design an app or website that is easy to use. Some of the most common best practices in good user experience design involves:

  • Having clearly developed Personas
  • Gathering End User Data
  • Wireframes Design
  • Prototyping

Currently, the is a surge of demand for developers with a strong understanding of how User Experience can affect a product that they are developing. Are you one of them?

App Development

Regardless of whether you are burning the midnight oil to churn out an awesome looking website, desktop application or mobile app; one of the most intensive parts of a project lifecycle is programming. And though programming itself as a lone activity is only part of what defines App Development, I believe that being able to write quality code is something that should never be compromised. But apart from writing good code, I believe that what makes a developer really good isn’t just his programming skills, but also his understanding of how each technology, framework and tool can come together to help achieve the objectives set out for the project. Another very important aspect of App Development also covers App Performance. For many of us who live and work in a 4G environment, sometimes we may forget that some users in other parts of the world are still living on 2G networks. And for the internet, or even desktop environments, there are potential users who still face limitations in their hardware. Taking all that into consideration, it is very important to know how to design and develop an application that is seamless and robust regardless of what environment it is running in. Disclaimer: As a best practice, it is always good to set a range for your target specifications. You can’t please the entire world either. Plan & Design wisely.

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